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What is the HemaSpot-SE™

The HemaSpot-SE™ patented design includes a new engineered material that provides rapid separation of blood with no cell hemolysis for improved precision. This new approach is a true alternative collection method similar to an SST tube, where red cells are separated from the serum without the need of a centrifuge.

What do I need to do before I start collecting my blood sample?

Before you start collecting your blood sample, make sure to do the following:

Check the contents of your kit. The kit includes:

  • 1 Foil Pouch (Collection Device)
  • 2 Lancets (One extra if needed)
  • 1 Alcohol Swab1 Adhesive Bandage
  • 1 Gauze Pad
  • 1 Test Requisition & Consent Form
  • 1 Return Mail Envelope

Important Collection Information:

  • Do NOT open foil pouch until you’re ready to begin collecting your blood sample.
  • The collection device MUST be used within 30 minutes after opening foil pouch.
  • Fasting for 8-10 hours prior to blood collection is recommended for all tests.
  • Improper collection of blood specimens may affect laboratory results. Carefully read and follow the collection instructions provided with your kit.
  • Persons with hemophilia or anti-coagulation therapy should consult a licensed physician or healthcare professional before using this kit.

Video Credit: Spot-On Sciences

Spot On Sciences, Inc. develops and markets innovative medical devices to improve collection and storage of biological fluids for diagnostic testing. The premier product, HemaSpot™, is a simple to use device for self sampling and robust storage/shipping of blood samples at ambient temperatures. HemaSpot™ uses a finger stick to collect and dry blood within a protective cartridge which can be easily shipped to our laboratory for analysis.