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Whether you need full-service biometric screening management or customizable a la carte add-ons to a current program, BioQuintex Laboratories has a solution.

Employer Wellness Solutions

Biometric Screenings

Biometric Screening services, fingerstick or venipuncture, are offered nationally at a worksite or in the privacy of the home.

BioQuintex Laboratories works closely with our partners to design, implement and manage biometric screening solutions that are efficient, cost-effective and best fit their needs.

Client focused, scheduling, coordination, fulfillment and staff management.

Nationwide, fingerstick, venipuncture, allgroup sizes, vetted & qualified staff.

Preferred scheduling, fingerstick, venipuncture, biometric measurements.

Complete kit, printed & video instructions, shipped direct to member.

Specimen Analysis

Our specimen analysis capabilities span across multiple collection modalities or methods, fingerstick or venipuncture. Specimens, from all across the country, are processed at our single site laboratory daily. Our centralization allows for industry leading turn around time, consistency and quality.

Fast, easy, and needle-free collection that requires only 4 drops of blood.

Fingerstick collection with lab analysis previously only available with Venipuncture.

Full expanded testing panels for any wellness program.

Data Integration

BioQuintex Laboratories provides flexible and comprehensive integration options that range from easy-to-use web-based applications to sophisticated integrated workflows.

BioQuintex Laboratories can align with any connectivity or information technology solution.

Secure Web Portal or Customized Delivery in multiple formats.

Batch or individual lab result access through secure file transfer platforms.

Enhanced data integrity and accuracy utilizing scrub and matching logic.

Dedicated secure platforms available at the client and member levels.

Supply Fulfillment

BioQuintex Laboratories provides a comprehensive, centralized supply chain platform for the various industries we serve.

From custom blood collection kits to wellness screening event supplies, or dried blood to venous collection, we have you covered – When you want it, Where you need it.

Managed and maintained from a single location in the Central US.

Scalable workflows and processes that are measured and monitored.

Integration with our partners and their processes for maximum impact.

Outbound and Inbound shipment tracking and reporting available.

Customized kit creation and storage for volumes small and large.