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Innovations and Scientific excellence for
changing the way blood is collected and transported.



We follow a rigorous validation process to assure each analyte is capable of meeting all precision and reproducibility prior to inclusion on our test menu. Our approach includes the use of outside research laboratories for specimen collection to incorporate the variability of collected samples into our correlation and stability studies.

Enhanced Reliability

We drive the instrumentation and specimens to their limits of acceptability for each and every analyte.  Our process includes the identification of the sources of potential errors and quantification of the potential errors to ensure accuracy, precision, analytical sensitivity and specificity, interferences, and the reportable range for each analyte. All documentation is evaluated by The College of American Pathologist (CAP).

Quality Assessment

Bioquintex Laboratories is recognized by CAP yearly as: “a laboratory demonstrating continuous improvement in quality through participation in Surveys, and pathology education programs” since 2011.​

To maintain federal certification, state licenses (permits), and CAP accreditation, we demonstrate our laboratory proficiency through external and internal quality assessment. We voluntarily participate in several external proficiency testing programs from the College of American Pathologist and the State of New York.

It takes a specialized knowledge and years of experience to develop and maintain micro sample analysis.  Unlike other labs,  our medical scientists have over twenty-years combined experience in small volume collection techniques and specimen analysis.​

BioQuintex Laboratories’ integration options provide flexibility and range from easy-to-use, Web-based applications to sophisticated integrated workflows. BioQuintex Laboratories has the flexibility to fit into any connectivity or integrated workflow solution. From fully integrated, web authentication exchange and real-time data sharing capabilities to secure FTP file sharing, BioQuintex Laboratories can meet your needs.

All customer specimens are processed at BioQuintex’s single site laboratory centrally located in the heart of the Midwest. Specimens arrive daily from all areas of the country. BioQuintex’s centralization allows for industry leading turn-around times on result delivery, consistency in testing quality across all customer specimens, proactive and immediate oversight of all laboratory activities and personnel.

In the age of technology and security, BioQuintex integrates with partners using minimal information necessary to process participant specimens. Electronic sharing of basic identifying, criteria allows specimens to be submitted  for immediate processing avoiding data entry errors and improving the overall integrity of any returned data. 

Results of a routine nature are reported within 96 business hours from receipt at BioQuintex Laboratories. Turnaround times are based on standard operating schedules and conditions and could change, dependent upon requests. Some tests may, occasionally, require more time to complete due to unforeseen events or circumstances. BioQuintex Laboratories works closely with our customers in developing mutually agreed upon Service Level Arrangements ensuring organizational needs are met or exceeded.

BioQuintex Laboratories offers many customizable result delivery options. Our preferred delivery option is HL7 however our years of experience with various forms of result delivery have allowed us to provide industry leading flexibility.

BioQuintex Laboratories’ Lab Electronic Secure Portal is a secure online gateway that allows our partners access to view, share and manage participant results anytime, anywhere.

BioQuintex Laboratories offers individual online access to laboratory results.

Accreditations​ for Scientific Excellence

State-of-the-art robotic laboratory instrumentation under strict quality standards to ensure accurate and reliable results.